World first  WAAS soultion to remove the horror of managing your WAAS(and seeing your servers fail) 

MWH is the world’s first WaaS solution   built exclusively for serious WaaS professionals.

With a fully automated dashboard and server stack, MWH  delivers all the bells and whistles of managed WordPress hosting while keeping in mind the needs of WAAS 

You’ll get your WaaS  setup in minutes and your network will be fast, secure, and ruthlessly efficient.

MWH works for you

DO you want to let your customer get full control Or want to hand-hold them. We have solutions for both

Multi-site based WAAS

Normal WAAS based on the top of our most advanced WAAS infrastructure with full control in your hand. Also included is our Discov backup solution which gives you access to 15 backups of your site based on your selection in a efficient way.



Independent sites based WAAS

Here each site is an independent WP site   with individual database. And you can also let your customers get access to an advanced control panel(just like managed wp hosts). This is perfect for those WAAS owners who want to let their clients get full control. This also helps you make individual backup for each site and roll back their site when they make a mistake, also you can divide your WAAS on different VPS so even if by mistake one of  our servers go down for a teeny bit of time your other sites are fully secure.

MWH dashboard-The perfect dashboard for WAAS

Just the features you will ever need to manage your WAAS not more, not less.


The only Hosting dashboard made just  for WAAS owners

Perfect for all types of WAAS

Specially made for WAAS